Praise for Jinxed

[Hutson] creates a gore-filled throwback to the classic teen slasher flick genre … Graphically detailed descriptions make it clear that this work of horror isn’t for the faint of heart. 
     ~ Publishers Weekly

Thommy Hutson’s ‘Jinxed’ is a Must Read for Classic Horror Fans (linked to full iHorror review)
“Hutson … knocked it completely out of the park … with an expertly paced, cinematic slasher in a setting that would make Agatha Christie proud.

The novel’s often gore-filled kill scenes are both brutal and beautiful in ways that recall Clive Barker’s Books of Blood while simultaneously reminding the reader of the theatricality of Argento’s Suspiria.

And yet, for all of its homage and the author’s obvious intensive understanding of the works of these genre giants, Jinxed is a unique novel that stands easily on its own merits as a work by a first time author … a fast read that pulls the reader along in its momentum … I’m reminded again of the Killer’s mask and how it works on so many levels as the ultimate symbol for the book as a whole.

Inevitable and shocking. Brutal and beautiful. Homage and originality. Comedy and Tragedy.

Thommy Hutson could easily take on the mantle as the next Lois Duncan … but after reading his debut, I’m not sure that he isn’t better off being the first Thommy Hutson, instead.”
     ~ Waylon Jordan,

“… heavily reminiscent of Lois Duncan novels, with a little R.L. Stine and John Carpenter thrown in, Jinxed offers gnarly entertainment in a super-readable form that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a little creativity with their thrillers…would be fabulous on the screen (big or small — but I’d actually like to see it as a TV series, in the vein of Riverdale.) Teens will eat this up, as will many adults. Recommended.”
     ~ It’s All About the Book

“…gory but captivating … a masked murderer starts picking off the teens, killing them all in theatrically grisly ways. Layna, a senior at Trask on a rare scholarship, tries to solve the mystery, but is terrified she might be at the center of it all. Nods to the original Nightmare on Elm Street film … entertaining…”     ~ School Library Journal

“Thommy Hutson is the ultimate authority in nostalgia-driven storytelling.”
     ~ Clive Barker, Bestselling Author of Books of Blood and The Thief of Always

“Jinxed is the teen whodunit that Wes Craven and Lois Duncan never made. Hutson has created the best new slasher franchise since Scream.”
     ~ Peter M. Bracke, Author of Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th

“A dark, tension-filled thriller that’s wicked to the very end. Bad luck was never so much fun!”
     ~ Jeffrey Reddick, Creator of Final Destination

“…a spookfest of a novel…The ending and the reveal about the killer was truly shocking…left me totally creeped out…”
     ~ Married to Books

“…very reminiscent of those slasher movies of the 80’s–90’s and it was very well done…definitely intense…phenomenal…”
     ~ Book Dragon Girl

“…kept me guessing all the way through the last chapter…gory and descriptive…suspenseful…I absolutely loved the ending!”
     ~ Lili Lost in a Book

“…compelling and suspenseful…there’s always one more jump around the corner…truly well-written and the pacing was perfect…Hutson proved himself to be a master at misdirection and the ending fit the book perfectly.”
     ~ Birdie’s Bibliotheca

“… a spooky, heart-stopping novel…fast-paced…Hutson adds enough darkness and gory details to create something that leaves a trail of goosebumps…The end is shocking and completely unpredictable…”
     ~ Book Traveller

“…a fun read, and brings to mind the horror/slasher films of the ’80s and ’90’s…imaginative…kept me reading right through to the last page…”
     ~ Just Books

“…darkly enticing…with gruesome details…a perfectly thrilling horror movie-like story.”
     ~ The Book Drealms

“…a fun whodunit sort of mystery…characters you’ll find yourself getting attached to…had me on the edge of my seat…and that ending…whoo.”
     ~ Jazzy Book Reviews

“…twists that nearly made my heart stop…truly entertaining, nicely written with good flow and pace…loved the surprises and twists and really that ending left me hanging to my bed!”
     ~ Am Kinda Busy Reading

“…great teen horror…What really did it for me were the teens. I loved them! I loved the way they talked…Lots of action, some creepiness, some graphic parts…a lot of fun…”
     ~ Wall-to-Wall Books

“Hutson really knows how to draw you in and just won’t let go…fast-paced…the suspense is a real killer…”
     ~ Bookishly Me