Thommy Hutson, Producer
Starring: Matt Bush, Nora Kirkpatrick, Whit Hertford
Released in 2011


Oliver Hayes, an aspiring animator whose confidence is at a low point, meets the captivating and impulsive Lily Blush, who encourages him to drop everything and go with her to Northern California in the hopes of fulfilling his fantasy of working for Pixar Animation Studios. As they travel up the coast, Oliver falls deeply in love, but upon making certain startling discoveries he must decide if he wants to face reality or stay in dreamworld.


  • 2012 – Best Picture Award at The Portland Maine Film Festival
  • 2012 – Audience Award at The Atlanta Underground Film Festival

Press, Reviews & Interviews

“A keen and finely observed riff on Jonathan Demme’s 1986 farce, Something Wild, this film manages to bring losers of epic proportion together and make us want them to triumph through all that they do to each other and themselves.” —Florida Film Festival