Thommy Hutson, Producer and Writer (Additional Material)
CAV Distributing Corporation
Released in 2011


Dan O’Bannon’s outrageous splatter classic The Return of the Living Dead has continued to entertain and terrify horror fans for over twenty-five years with its delicious mix of blood, comedy, sex and punk. More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead is the ultimate account of the witty, stylish and apocalyptic zombie movie. It features — for the first time! — contributions from all the main cast as well as clips, photographs, storyboards, publicity materials, conceptual art, archival documents and behind-the-scenes footage. Through this definitive retrospective fans are finally able to explore the film’s journey from the world of Night of the Living Dead to the mind of acclaimed writer/director Dan O’Bannon and experience the blood, sweat and tears as cast and crew look back on their time in the graveyard creating the film that’s been called a beauty of a cult classic!

Press, Reviews & Interviews

“A must-have.”Entertainment Weekly
“Really in many ways this is what every film that anybody loves should have made about the film and the filmmakers. Suffice it to say, it is absolutely terrific.”Ain’t It Cool News
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