Feature, Drama
Thommy Hutson, Producer
Starring: Lea Thompson, John Shea, Danielle Harris
Released in 2011


Musician Robert is a perpetual starving artist with low overhead and minimal commitments. When Robert’s daughter announces that she’s engaged, he advises her against it — his own marriage to Emily didn’t last, and he doesn’t understand why anyone would want to give up their independence. Yet when Robert and Emily reunite and dredge up old memories and hurts, both discover they have a lot of unresolved issues and that love, marriage and divorce aren’t quite as simple as they’d like.

Press, Reviews & Interviews

“An equitable, tender, sometimes surprising game of hard truth-telling.”The Los Angeles Times
“There isn’t a false note in either the dialogue or the performances.” The Village Voice
“John Shea and Lea Thompson deliver beautifully-etched performances in Jim Hemphill’s touching portrait.”The Hollywood Reporter
“A convincing, moving and provocative two-hander… Performances are tops.”Variety
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