The Entity

Dawn of the Dead

Shout! Factory — 2019


Inner Strength
An Interview with Actress Barbara Hershey

Seeing Is Believing
An Interview with Actor David Labiosa

High Dread
An Interview with Composer Charles Bernstein

Spirits & Sprocket Holes
An Interview with Editor Frank J. Urioste

”The special features are exceptional.” —Blu-ray Authority

Shout! Factory — 2017


Take a Chance on Me
An Interview with Actor Ty Burrell

Gunn for Hire
An Interview with Writer James Gunn

Punk, Rock, & Zombie
An Interview with Actor Jake Weber

Killing Time at The Mall:
The Special Effects of Dawn of The Dead

An Interview With Special Makeup Effects Artists David Anderson and Heather Langenkamp Anderson

“…there’s no denying the extras on this one make this release a grand slam…”Why So Blu

Tales from the Hood


Shout! Factory — 2017


Welcome to Hell:
The Making of Tales from the Hood

A retrospective analyzing the film in detail: themes, purpose, scriptwriting, real-life parallels, characters, visuals, and more. Includes interviews with Director/Writer Rusty Cundieff, Producer/Writer Darin Scott, actors Corbin Bernsen, Wings Hauser, Anthony Griffith, special effects supervisor Kenneth Hall, and more.

“…solid extra features…Highly recommended.” — DVD Talk

Shout! Factory — 2017


Eye of the Storm
An Interview with Director John Bruno

Science & Fiction
An Interview with Writer Dennis Feldman

Into the Woods
An Interview with Actor Marshall Bell

Men, Monsters and Machines
The Special Effects of Virus

“…fantastic interviews with the filmmakers…highly recommended.”

The Id

The Return of the Living Dead

CAV — 2015

Needs, Wants, and Desires
The Making of The Id

“ … a plethora of supplements for an independent film … an engaging making-of documentary … worth checking out.”

MPE/CAV — 2011


They Won't Stay Dead
A Look at Return of the Living Dead Part II

Love Beyond the Grave
A Look at Return of the Living Dead III

A Conversation with Dan O'Bannon
The Final Interview